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We have been trusted by some of the best businesses and organizations in Bali for their website design and development. We have created website for tattoo artist, website for healthcare clinic, website ofr English & Indonesian teacher, website for villas, website for Eco resort, website for tour and travel, and more.


Desar Design was founded in 2016 by Made Sariyanta (Desar). He has been creating beautiful websites since 2008. He taught himself how to make websites in his spare time while studying for Bachelor Degree at the English Department of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education in Mahasaraswati Denpasar University. What started as a hobby turne into a small business overtime. The cumulative experience of making websites and interaction with his clients has made Desar a better web designer and developer. Now Desar Design is an independent web design and development studio catering to small to medium sized businesses and organizations. Desar Design is based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Why Us

We offer web design for small to medium sized businesses and organization who wants to share their ideas and products to a wider audience (the world) through responsive design, seo-optimized informative websites at reasonable cost. Due to Desar Design being a small home studio, it allows us to limit the number of projects taken at one time. Thus giving us the ability to work closely and personally with the clients in realizing their ideas and vision to the design and functionality of the projects. The diversity of our clients is an added value to our experience and makes the job very interesting. We always use the latest web technology available for your project.

Meet the Team


Web Master

The web design and developer. He will help you with your website from start to finish. From planning until launch. He’s good with WordPress, html, css, php, and a little bit of JavaScript.



She’s responsible for the project management and administration. She’ll make sure Desar is on track with the project and get more clients online and offline.


As we grew, we continuously improve our skill sets to deliver the best quality websites more efficiently.









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